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Casino games. Roulette is a gambling game ( in French, roulette means "a small wheel", like in canadian casino ). The dealer runs the roulette wheel and releases the ball opposite to the wheel rotation. The ball should fall into one of the numbered pockets after at least three full turns around the wheel.

Pockets numbered from 1 to 36 are painted black and red. There is no succession in pocket numbers, slots although pocket colours must alternate, starting from 1 red. Pocket number 0 is painted green and called zero. In most roulette wheels used in the U.S. (the so-called American Roulette), there is a second zero sector, marked as "00", also painted green, jeux de casino.

European Roulette when you are playing slots online canada is artificially divided into 3 sectors for quick bets. Playing American Roulette you can bet on five numbers (1 number and 2 neighbouring numbers on each side).

Roulette is also called "The Devil's Wheel" because the sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel equals 666 (Number of the Beast) for casino online real money.

European Roulette. Slots online.

The history of European roulette starts in Germany, in the middle of the XIX century, and the legend says that the founder of this variant of Roulette, François Blank - an entrepreneur and owner of gambling house - clenched a bargain with the Devil himself. However that might be, European Roulette, giving a better chance of winning because of only one zero sector, became extremely popular, along with slot machines, in most casinos including Monte Carlo.

European Roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors casino real money: Pockets numbered from 1 to 36 and a zero pocket. The numbers are more random than those in American Roulette casino canada.

The playing field of casino online is three rows of thirty-six sectors (twelve sectors in each row) numbered in the order of increasing. There is also a zero sector and a place for so-called outside bets located at the side of the main sectors. Outside bets can be made according to sector, dozen (1-12, 13-24, and 25-36), colour, evenness or oddness. The playing field of European Roulette online casino games visually is very similar to that of American Roulette; the difference is the absence of a second zero sector.

There are 10 types of bets in European Roulette with different ratio of put and won money. The largest gain canadian casino online is when a player bets on one specific number. In this case, the win will is 35 times greater than the bet. There are bets that simply double the invested money when win. They are outside bets casino canada online. They are called so because the gambling chips are put not on the main sectors but on the specially provided places. If there is betting on "red", probability of winning increases to 48.6%, but at the same time possible win is reduced. When the ball stops in the zero sector, all bets go in favour of the casino.

However, a number of casinos use in such cases the en prison rule, when the bet does not go to the casino but stays in the game until the next set, and if wins, is returned to its owner. Different online casino use different interpretations of the en prison rule. Game procedure in slot machines online for real money is:

At the beginning, the dealer says the phrase: "Place your bets in slots games, ladies and gentlemen!" This allows placing the chips on the playing field of the table. Every game table has minimum and maximum betting limits for each position. IF you play casino, your maximum bets are usually subject to the following progression: If the maximum bet on a particular number is $100, the maximum bet on two numbers will be twice more and so on. When you are in our casino online canada betting stops when the dealer says: "All bets are off!"

Roulette slot machines online starts before the bets are off. The ball runs in the direction opposite to rotation of the wheel. When the ball is in the pocket, the dealer announces the winning number. Meanwhile, he marks it on the playing field and collects all lost bets in favour of the casino. Then the winnings at casino internet are paid starting from the most risky (straight, split, street, square and so on) to the "chances" (red or black, even or odd, manqué (1 to 18), passé (19 to 36)). American Roulette has the reverse order of payment, so play casino online.